History The Restaurant “Da Pietro” is located in Piazza Mazzini 13, before calld Piazza Loggia Vecchia to remember the “loggiati” existing until 1855 in the centre. This was the most important square in Ovada, centre of the city life, here there were the “Palazzo Pretorio” and the “Palazzo Comunale”. From notices draft by the Guida di G.B. Rossi “Ovada e dintorni” of 1908, we know by the beginning of ‘900 Mr. Bruno Pietro had in Piazza Mazzini a “olificio”, frequented by families of Ovada. 30th March 1929, as the “Censimento Commerciale ufficiale” of 1949 sais, it was released the first licence to Mr. Bruno Pietro, called Giuliano, for the shop of “Commestibili, Vino e Liquori” renewed in ‘49 in “Friggitoria, Vineria e Farinata”. In 60s, the local become a restaurant, it was menaged by the son of Pietro, Pino Bruno, who becamo known for the production of Farinata, and of others specialities of Ovada, also outside of the borders of the city, thanks to the position of the city that is still today a crossroad between Liguria, Piemonte and Lombardia. In 1980 the lincence passed to the family Baiardi, who manteined the name in honor to the friendship with Pino Bruno and Aldo Baiardi, holding alive a tradition linked at the territory. The Restaurant “Da Pietro”, historical local in the centre of Ovada, is characterized by a receiving atmosphere, furnishes with peasant tones by refined, heated by fornitures in wood and miches with bottles of valuable wine. Ristorante  Da Pietro di Baiardi Aldo - Piazza Mazzini 13 - 15076 Ovada (al) - p.i. 00873960066